With us, you can conveniently put money in your pocket when you buy rented properties. It sounds weird right? But this is a fact. As many as 80% of our properties spread across the country have paying tenants living inside these properties. These means that once you buy from us, you automatically start generating streams of income from your property without lifting a finger. This is income that can be channeled into upgrading your property in the future.

Given that we are thorough with what we do, we ensure every documentation and financial projections of the property you are purchasing are nailed down to the dot. Properties are serious investments and we ensure we give you satisfactory service when you use our website. We understand purchasing your home (especially the first) can be an anxious experience so we ensure you know what it takes and help you with the necessary details to buy your home.

Our properties are in top condition and you can expect good value. While most of our competitors offer a 20% down payment before beginning negotiations, we give our clients the opportunity of paying a simple 5% fee so that no other offer for the property would be accepted. That way, both buyer and seller can work out the final details of the sale.

The UK is one of the hottest places to buy or sell property for investment purposes. The yield on properties has never been higher. Because of this, we provide a comprehensive service for clients abroad who would like to broaden their investment portfolio into the UK. We ensure that whatever property we bring to your notice, has the possibility for long-term growth and high resale value.

And as a seller you can list your property with us and we ensure you get a selection of buyers with you having the final say on who gets the property. Before you list with us, we go over the property and ascertain for ourselves the level of attention and care.

The next step is to find ways to increase the value. By the time our professionals are done with your property and officially list, we would have added an extra 20% - 30% on the sell value. Buying or selling your property need not be a hassle. Contact us today and get a quote. To reach out to the team please contact us here.